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Name:Seven of Nine | ST: VOY

Seven of Nine

Seven of Nine, Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix 01...

Born human, but assimilated as young girl, Seven of Nine has only really known life inside the Borg Collective. She was asked to speak for the Borg when a Federation ship known as 'Voyager' offered weaponry insights to defeat a mutual enemy; Species 8472.

Once the threat was eliminated Seven of Nine went back on the Borg’s promise to leave Voyager be by attempting to take control of their ship and subsequently, in order to save themselves from assimilation, they severed Seven of Nine's connection to the hive mind. 'Freeing' her from the Collective and taking her under their wing for the duration of their journey through the Delta Quadrant.

Though the Doctor was able to remove most of her Borg implants he could not give back the years of humanity she lost, nor could he could teach her the ways of human interaction. Though the crew of the Voyager were kind enough to help the uncomfortably direct and, more often than not, awkward attempts at interaction as she navigated an entirely new world. The Borg technologies that stayed, as they were attached to vital systems, gave her a handful of abilities including heightened senses and strength beyond that of a normal human being. They also give her access to a wealth of information and heightened processing abilities.

More Information on Borg · Memory Alpha link · link · link · link ·

Disclaimer: I do not own Star Trek, nor do I own any of it's characters. This is a roleplaying journal for the character Seven of Nine. This journal is merely for fun and I make no profit off the content nor images found here. The player, and character, are over 18.

This version of Seven comes in just after the episode "Fair Haven", and I use this character mostly as a free based character to interact in open multiverse and sandbox style communities. I will also be adding more information as needed, so expect this area to change considerably.
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